Our very own Andrew Jackson offers up an educational podcast that discusses the clinical benefit of the VIP score. In addition, Andrew describes exactly how users (clinical teams) and patients benefit from IV site monitoring with the VIP score.

Peripheral IV Bundle with VIP Score

Linda Kelly is Clinical Nurse Advisor with Vygon (UK) Ltd. Linda has a long and illustrious career in vascular access as a clinical nurse. In this podcast, Linda gives us a fascinating insight into her PhD study on the experience of patients living with a vascular access device. We discus the three clear themes that emerged from her study. As a taster (spoiler alert), I can tell you these are ‘device acceptance’, ‘dissatisfaction with repeated peripheral cannulation’ and ‘bewilderment and dismay at lack of staff competence’.

Martin Kiernan delivers a great discussion on his very practical approach to the science of infection prevention in vascular access. He moves us beyond a focus on bundle content to the importance of bundle implementation and compliance. I caught up with Martin whilst he was presenting at a IV conference at City Hospitals Sunderland. I am pleased to say that Martin jumped at the opportunity to chat with us for this IVUPDATE podcast.

Paul Lee is a medical devices training manager with decades worth of experience in clinical engineering. Until August 2017, Paul has been seconded to NHS Improvement in London to work as its patient safety lead for medical devices.  I caught up with Paul whilst he was presenting at a IV conference at City Hospitals Sunderland. Despite his busy schedule, Paul put aside a little of his time to discuss patient safety and infusion devices.