Imagine connecting with a world of vascular access and infusion therapy experience. Imagine listening to to the people who deliver, educate within or research vascular access and infusion therapy topics without having to leave the comfort of your smartphone or computer. Well imagine no more.

The way we present our podcasts will vary. Some will be descriptive and educational in content. Others will be conversational. Our conversational podcasts will discuss practice issues with the people who regularly deliver clinical practice, educate the masses, develop the evidence or design the products that we use everyday.

We know our audience is varied. You may be a student or a novice clinician at the beginning your journey towards excellence in vascular access and infusion therapy. Or you may be at the expert end of the spectrum. Whatever your experience our podcast range will have something relevant to your practice.

IVUDATE is another free resource provided by IVTEAM. We have developed the IVUPDATE platform based upon the same concept of free educational resources that IVTEAM deliver everyday. IVTEAM and IVUPDATE have been developed by Andrew Jackson who is an IV Nurse Consultant and Director of IVTEAM. Andrew is regularly involved in clinical care and the day to day running of IVTEAM and IVUPDATE.

We hope that you find our IVUPDATE podcasts useful. Please remember to tell your friends and colleagues of this free resource and if you get a chance please leave a review on your podcast subscription service of choice.

In addition, if you are listening to IVUPDATE and you are pondering on the impact of advertising? We have a very simple approach. Any advertising that may be present within the podcast will be inserted post production. Advertisers will have zero influence on the content of our podcasts.

Finally, you definitely do not have to remain just a listener. You can also become a participant. Here at IVUPDATE we strongly believe that we all have experience and ideas that others would benefit from. IVUPDATE is a safe platform from which you can share your ideas and experience. All we need is a topic that interests you and an opportunity to chat (online or face to face). So you think that your ideas and experience are not worth sharing. I’m afraid you are very mistaken. We need to listen more to the people who are providing the solutions to the practice issues that affect us and our patients everyday. You will be one of those people. Contact Andrew via email. Its ‘andrew’ followed by ‘@’ then and we can discuss how to share your ideas and experience.